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Posted: November 24, 2013
Category: Foldable Beds
Author: Administrator
Folding Beds/Rollaway Beds The Ideal Choice to Make a Small Space Feel Larger Image source:aforero via Flickr (CC by 2.0) Living in a small apartment can be tricky. It takes time to create a space that feels welcoming and warm without being cluttered and crowded. If you live in a city or a tight studio apartment, it is even more important to find ways to make the most of your space. Folding beds and rollaway beds offer a great solution to fitting everything into a small space, while giving you the room you need to live each day. Studio Apartment Ideas When you are living in a studio apartment, you really do have a limited amount of space. You have the option of a murphy bed, a rollaway bed or a sleeper sofa. A rollaway bed is a good option if you do not want a sleeper sofa, but you like to have people up to your place. You can create a corner to stow your bed in by handing curtains a few feet out from the wall. You simply fold the bed away and you are ready for guests. It is a great way to make the most of limited space. Guest Room Ideas When you live in a small home or apartment, you may need to create spaces that are multi-purpose. You can have a craft room or exercise room in one part of your home, and a rollaway bed makes it easy for you to convert the space for guests when they come to visit. Be sure to make good use of your closets and other furniture, so that your guest does not feel as though they are stashed away in the craft room. With the right bedding and wall decorations you can easily create a beautiful place for them to stay. Image courtesy of Wonderlane via Flickr (CC by 2.0) Get Folding Sofa Beds One way that you can make the most of a small space or a studio apartment is to get a folding sofa bed. This is a great option because you can use the same piece of furniture for two different purposes. It makes it easy to turn your study into a guest room, or it can provide a great place for you to sleep in a studio apartment. The mattresses and quality have improved enough that you can rest comfortably night after night. This MicroFiber fusion bed is stylish and comfortable. Find the Right Accessories The right accessories are a key to creating a great space. Remember to utilize natural light as much as you can. Choosing bright colors will help to open up the entire room. In small spaces, less is always more, and you should take care with each item that you bring into the space whether it is a wall hanging or a side table to make sure it adds to your space rather than detracts from it. You can save on other furnitures. The perfect accessories will help to keep your small space feel small. You can use a curtain to help cover the area where your folding bed goes during the day.
Posted: April 24, 2013
Category: Decorating Tips
Author: Administrator
5 Practical Tips on Making Your Home More Stylish

You do not need to be an interior design guru, or pay to hire somebody who is, in order to make your home look great. What will really come in handy is a little imagination and some tips on how you can make big changes to the colour schemes and the layout of the rooms in your house without spending a lot of money in the process. Whether you have a good imagination is down to luck really but the tips you can find below. However, if you are having trouble coming up with new ideas there are plenty of sites devoted to the topic of interior decorating that are sure to help get your creative juices flowing.

The tips

Use easily moveable furnishings so that you can restyle your home on a regular basis. Coming up with ideas in the first place is not really the hard part, it is putting ideas into action that is difficult. If you use the sort of room dividers featured in the spaceslide 2013 range and the websites of other leading suppliers, along with some good quality rugs in neutral colours, you will be able to change the look and feel of each room in your house in a matter of minutes rather than days. This flexibility, more than any fancy ideas that professional decorators may have, is what will help to ensure that your home looks fresh and stylish for years to come.
Use paint, not wallpaper. Whatever your personal preferences, if you want to ensure that your living room and other reception areas have a modern ambiance that appeals to visitors of all persuasions, you should use a matt emulsion paint rather than wallpaper or any type of paint that has a glossy finish. Minimalism may not be quite the buzzword that it used to be in decorating circles but the emphasis is still very much on clean and simple lines as far as most people in the industry are concerned and in this particular instance it is worth following the example of the professionals. In addition to looking good, a plain emulsion is easy to apply and relatively inexpensive should you wish to change the colour of your walls every couple of years. If you have children, get them involved when you are picking out new colours, fabrics and furniture every time that you redecorate. This is not just because it will be nice for them to have a say in what sort of environment they live but if they feel some personal responsibility for how your home looks, they will be far more likely to make an effort to keep common areas of the house looking neat and tidy. As any parent with young children can confirm, nothing is guaranteed to make your beautiful contemporary designs look less stylish than heaps of comics strewn across the floor and piles of toys as far as the eye can see. Win this battle and you will be well on your way winning the style war in your home!

About the Author: 

Lydia Bradley writes for Portico Midlands Limited TA, owner of Spaceslide 2013 and is one of the leading manufacturers and installers of wardrobe systems in the UK. They also specialise in sliding doors for housing sectors spread across the country.
Posted: April 20, 2010
Category: Foldable Beds
Author: Administrator

Folding Foam Beds in bright washable removable covers: Also called Shikibutons (Japanese foldable floor mattress), these simple foam beds are based on a traditional Japanese design that is as easy to use as it is convenient. Just flip, fold and store it; It's that easy. These folding foam daybeds are flexible, versatile & convenient for quick usage and easy storage get for unexpected guests and children’s rooms. These are the quickest and easiest way to make extra bed room for guests or make more room in your room when space is tight.

Bioflex Hybrid Soy Foam Shikibutons: Our Shikibuton folding foam beds are all made by hand in our San Francisco warehouse and use only Bioflex Hybrid Soy foam in their construction. Traditional foam folding beds are made with non-renewable petro-chemicals like those found in fossil fuels. Our patented process replaces up to 50% of these materials with natural and renewable soybean oil. Soy-based bedding made with our BioFlex Hybrid Foam isn’t just more environmentally friendly; it’s comfortable, supportive and resilient. Really, we think our premium soy foam futon mattress is better in every way! Your body will thank you for making this earth-friendly choice and you can sleep easy knowing you have done something good for the environment.

Avaialble  Exclusively at

Posted: November 27, 2009
Category: Coat Racks
Author: Administrator
What is a <b>coat tree rack? Most of us have seen them but didn’t know the name of this useful piece of furniture. A coat tree rack or hall tree is a piece of furniture consisting of a bench, mirror and coat pegs or hooks. It is often placed in a hall near an entranceway for jackets to be hung and shoes stored neatly. This piece of furniture can be seen to date back to the 1800’s. Space was limited and a hall tree was a convenient piece of furniture that allowed its owners to check ones appearance before leaving home, store personal possessions such as pocket watch or keys in a drawer and sit on an attached bench to place on or remove the shoes. This is the same convenience that hall tree owners find appealing today.

Coat Tree Rack A.K.A. Hall Tree
This handsome and convenient furnishing piece can still be purchased today by fine home furnishing providers such as ABC Home Store. They offer several styles and colors from classic antique black, warm oak and regal cherry finishes. The styles vary as well from classic to modern allowing a coat tree rack to fit with any of today’s popular décor.

Space Saving Storage
A hall tree often has storage underneath f the bench, a drawer, multiple pegs or hooks and possible shoe storage. Models can have a mirror and drawers. Depending on the personal needs of the hall tree shopper will depend on the specific model chosen. Either way mirror or not a hall tree can prove to be a space saver keeping clothing items stored neatly for easy retrieval.

Hall Trees Available At ABC Home Store.Com
By visiting shoppers can browse through the hall tree selections and see color photos of the beautiful styles available for purchase. A hall tree can be a great addition to a home or office adding appeal and storage in any space.
Posted: November 27, 2009
Category: Portable Closets
Author: Administrator
<font face="Arial" size="4"><b>Description</b></font><br><br>
Portable closet is the 'in' thing, especially, if you have run out of space or if you want more space. They can be hidden discreetly in an attic, garage or in a spare office room. The novelty aspect is that, they can be moved from one place to another. Portable closets are used for hanging suites, sweaters, undergarments, aprons and other utensils. The basic portable closet costs around 20 to 30 dollars and the bigger ones cost around 100 dollars. The bigger portable closets are 5 feet in height and 6 feet wide. <br><br>
Some of them are also used for storing shoes, dirty laundry, and bedroom linen. They are versatile, in the sense that, they can be adapted and adjusted to suit your needs. All portable closets have wheels for easy maneuverability. Many have metal rods for hanging clothes and have separate racks for neat arrangement of shoes and even ties.<br><br>
Portable closets are also useful for homes with an office room, which doubles over into a spare bedroom, where the missing link is a closet. They can be used in the bedroom and spare room. They are very useful in our guest bedrooms; where, the closets get easily filled up.<br><br>
Portable closets are equally useful in a laundry room. The clothes taken out of the dryer need some place for hanging. If the closet is far away, the mobile closet will prove to be handy; not only for drying clothes, but also for transporting from one place to another. Some of them have plastic bags, which after adding the garment you desire, can be sealed. They protect our clothes from dust and bugs, as well as allergies. For clothes, which need longer term storage, portable closets offer protection from moisture and humidity; storing your clothes in a covered or protected enclosure, keeps them crisp and dry. The additional airflow facilitated by them keeps your clothes breathing.<br><br>
Smaller portable closets only have enough space for hanging clothes, however larger models have more than enough space for hanging clothes, shelves and drawers for storing shoes, ties, underwear, laundry, and some models, even offer a compartment for dirty clothes. Several models also have separate shoe racks, as storing shoes is a messy affair. Bigger portable closets usually come with wheels for easy movement, but smaller ones can be folded and carried from one place to another. The best compromise is to choose a model that combines the best of all worlds. <br><br>
The idea of a portable closet is to store, organize and protect thing, as you would do in a conventional closet; except, for the fact that, they are convenient, cheap, and easy to move. Choosing a portable closet can be based on style, frames used, extra storage facility, design, provided covers & linens, air flow factor, and price. Some of the more stylish models can also enhance the surrounding space where you place them. A Portable closet should be economical, user friendly, eye catching, and of course, portable. The beauty of these things is that, they can be placed anywhere and suit every purpose. So, get out there and buy one, you can't go wrong!<br><br>
How do you create additional space without spending too much money? For under $50, a portable closet is an excellent solution. Portable closets are designed to add additional space to an overcrowded closet. The standard portable closet comes equipped with wheels for easy mobility. <br><br>
The closet is comprised of a metal or plastic frame to hang clothing and an outer cover that has a zipper (or Velcro) that closes to keep the clothing dry and fresh. They are offered in a variety of colors and sizes to suit many needs. Portable closets offer more than just a place to hang clothes; they can also offer a designated place to store shoes and shelves for other items. Options for the closet have also extended to extra bars and vacuum sealed bags to create a more functional space. While not necessarily aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they provide for a unique way to create space.<br><br>
Portable closets are suitable for a wide array of individuals; such as, a college student desiring more room in their dorm, an out of town guest or for a family who is running out of storage as their children grow up. Moreover, portable closets can be conveniently moved into storage when out of season clothing is not being used. No longer do clothes need to be in hiding for months in an attic, when they can be easily accessible in another room or closet. Portable closets are a suitable way to create more space, but can also be an organizational asset for those who are consistently on the go. For example, if one is traveling frequently, they provide a fantastic place to keep business clothing, alleviating the headache of rummaging through the closet at the last minute. In addition, many individuals experience difficulty moving clothing to a new home, but with portable closets, one can pack up the clothing while wheels allow for an easy transition from home to the moving truck.<br><br>

These closets do not necessarily need to be used for storing clothes. It is possible to get creative with many uses for a portable closet. Some closets come with drawers and shelves which can create a great place for holding art supplies. Moreover, the area in which the clothes normally hung can be used for stacking large art boxes.<br><br>

As a storage substitute, creativity can really make a difference with the use of the extra space. They can be found in many locations. Depending on one's needs, our online store will provide a larger selection of portable closets. It is important to note that most closets require a standard assembly to be completed by the customer; however, it is relatively simple and time efficient as long as the instructions are closely followed. <br><br>

Portable closets are a simple and economical alternative to creating more room in a cramped place. Whether used for out of season clothing, space in a dorm, moving, organization or art supplies, these closets closets are a convenient and inexpensive storage solution.<br><br>
<font face="Arial" size="4"><b>Advantages</b></font><br><br>
Portable closets offer a series of advantages to the user. First of all a portable closet is obviously mobile. Portable closets can be shifted from one place to another easily due to their structure. They weigh less which makes it easy for anyone to carry around. Portable closets are very slim and sleek compared to conventional closets, thus providing more space in the room and also securely protecting the belongings with easy accessibility. Portable closets also come with adjustable compartments, which help the user change the internal chambers according to his/her needs. For example if the user requires space to hang the clothes, then he/she can internally adjust the compartment and create space to hang the clothes. Later if the same space is needed for keeping the clothes that are folded, it's again easy to rearrange the closet, and create space for the requirement.<br><br>
Now there are a few upgraded models, which can create space for even a vertical shoe rack in a corner. Some portable closets have recently come up with a new feature, similar to conventional closets, which is a separate compartment for dirty laundry. This is a very useful feature, mainly for the ones that are kept in the guest rooms and in the laundry rooms.<br><br>
Portable closets also help with keeping the clothes that are stored in them clean and fresh, as they allow air circulation and breathability. They are not as congested as conventional closets and allow free movement of air, thus preventing the clothes from getting musty. Often, clothes are kept in them for long term storage, so they have to be protected from bugs, insects and dirt. Many models come with a vinyl cover which helps protect the clothes from all of the above.<br><br>
Cleaning is easy compared the conventional closets as the material used to make the closet come with easy cleaning features. Another big advantage is that, it does not require a carpenter to craft it, and no heavy materials are required for assembly. You can simply purchase one by making a a trip to the local hardware or department store, selecting the color, dimensions, and features, and then assembling it at home! It also, will be very easy to transport from the store to the place you want to keep the portable closet.<br><br>

Compared to the conventional closets, portable closets won't cost you a lot for transportation either, because they're light. The easy mobility in many cases is thanks to their wheels, which makes them easy to move all throughout the house, without taking out the stored items and accessories. Cost wise, many of them are in the range of only $20 to $30, where a conventional close closet would cost anywhere from $150 to thousands of dollars.<br><br>

The advantages of portable closets make them universally suitable for children, adults, and the elderly alike. They can simply be used for all sorts of storage applications. <br><br><font face="Arial" size="4"><b>Disadvantages</b></font><br><br>
The main disadvantage of Portable Closets is their appearance and looks. They are not meant to win any beauty pageants, and cannot be placed in a stylish sitting room among elegant furniture, because they usually won't match!<br><br>

Another disadvantage is the zippered flap doors they come with. After long and frequent usage, some zipper doors might get jammed. If this happens, then they will no longer be of any use. If this does happen, be sure to call the manufacturer to see if you can get a replacement. The doors that have a 'T' structure are more likely to get jammed than the doors with a 'D' structure along the side. <br><br>
Some Portable Closets have unsupported canvas bases that cause sagging when they are fully loaded. This sets a limitation on the number and weight of items that can be stored, which is usually not desirable. When this is the case, zipping the doors will also be difficult. In worst cases, you may need more than two hands to zip the doors. If there are sharp or hard objects inside, they might tear off the walls and stick out. Often, Portable Closets are made of soft, delicate material, which makes it impossible to store hard and rough items. Most of them do not have a metallic lining either.<br><br>
Assembling a Portable Closet for use can be a mess. A few models come with no instructions included, which makes it even more difficult. They are often made with porous or netted material, so, obviously they are not water-proof. When we have the need to store objects which we don't want getting wet, or things which get spoiled in humid atmospheric conditions, Portable Closets may not be the best choice.<br><br>

Their transparent walls hardly provide any privacy. When we want to store items that need to be hidden from sight, these closets are of not much use.<br><br>

Due to their lack of visual appeal, they are often kept in the attic, the basement, or the garage. Therefore, when we need something, we will have to make a trip up to the attic or down to the basement, which can get tiresome. Although they're handy, Portable Closets have a few disadvantages which you should take into consideration before purchasing one. <br><br>
<font face="Arial" size="4"><b>What to Look For</b></font><br><br>
As the name implies, portable closets are not difficult to install or move. They come very handy in attics where you can use them to store precious family heirlooms or antiques safely, and have the peace of mind that they will be well protected from dust, moths, insects or allergens. Portable closets can be fixed to doors, added to wardrobes or mounted on walls. They are available in a wide variety of materials and the cost depends on the style and material used in making the closet.<br><br>

Generally, most of them they have zippered flap doors. The material used may be plastic, canvas or even wood. They come in different sizes and colors. Costs are upwards of $30 to $70 or more. The Internet may list dealers who sell portable closets at bargain prices. When buying a portable closet, there are certain details you must check out – First, you need to make sure that the zipper is sturdy, and works smoothly without getting snagged. There are two kinds of zippers, the 'T' and 'D' types. Portable closets with 'T' zipper arrangements may present problems for you, by being difficult to operate when the closet is loaded. Choosing a portable closet with a 'D' type zipper arrangement may solve this problem. <br><br>

You need to make sure that the bottom of the portable closet has some sort of support so that it won't sag. Sometimes the seller may oblige you by loading it with things to see how well the bottom holds. If you buy a model that has no support on the bottom, it will be a good idea to set it on top of a solid box to provide some level of support. Portable closets made of plastic material can be suitable to store bed linen and similar items. If you need the portable closet to store a variety of things, it would be advisable to choose one that has a canvas covering. Of course, portable closets are not meant to add to the décor of your home, but they are practical solutions for short or long term storage problems that we all experience.<br><br>

Portable closets provide an easy and quick solution to storage problems that everyone experiences from time to time. Adding more storage space, typically may be impossible as there is no suitable space in the house to build a closet. It may be both expensive and a cumbersome process. Portable closets offer a way out of such situations.<br><br>

One may also need additional storage space for items that are in frequent use. It may be for clothing because your wardrobe is bursting at it's seams. It may be that you have added a guest room to your house and need to put in a closet. Or perhaps, with a growing family, your laundry room requires additional storage space. These days it is common for people to work from home (the Internet offers excellent opportunities to do this). Since you can work on the Internet even at night, when there is peace and quiet at home, you might have converted your bedroom to serve as an office of some sort. If this is the case, you will certainly need additional storage space. The solution to these problems will be to use a portable closet, where temporary or permanent additional storage space is required.<br><br>
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